How I write – a blog tour

I’m running very late on this blog tour thingy but here goes.

Thanks to R.A.Smith for linking me on it and giving me the opportunity to have a play.

If you haven’t read the Grenshall Manor Chronicles (books Oblivion Storm and Primal Storm) yet then you really should.

Also thanks to I C Publishing for starting this.

There are four things I’m meant to be talking about .

  1. How do you start your writing projects?

Well for me it’s usually to do with a voice. A character will start talking to me and won’t let me go until I write for them. For my current project this was as I was walking through Manchester in a thunder storm. A slightly depressed, wacky and very capable young woman crept into my head and wouldn’t let me go. She’s still there and she is very upset with me for not writing for her recently while I try and edit book 1.

My next project has come off the back of Loncon so I’m approaching it in a much different way. I listened to panels about families and gender and I’m intrigued to find a story that fits into some of the gaps.

My technique is just to write, I allow the story and characters to take over. I research as I go along. A more recent addition to my writing is a glossary where I add all of my useful information as I go.

  1. the middle bit, how do you continue your writing project?

I struggle writing during the week with my normal day job I’m usually pretty wiped by the time I get home (as evidenced by this blog not being updated as often as I’d like). So I tend to keep most of my productive projects to the weekend. I do like National Novel Writing Month, but even then I tend to do large chunks of writing on a weekend and little during the week.

For me though it’s very rarely about finding the motivation to write and much more about finding the time. I have about 7 ideas in my head and no time to sit and do anything on them!

  1. The end. How do you finish your project?

I’m not very good at finishing projects. I know when a storyline is over but I often find it hard to let go of characters or worlds. Which I guess is why I am planning a second book. I often have more than one thing on the go at once.

  1. A challenge or tip.

Challenge wise, there’s a meme on facebook at the moment to list 10 books that stay with you. The other one i’d suggest would be to find one self or indi published book to read.

Tip wise i’ll pass on the one I got given at Loncon that has stayed with me. Do a glossary, every time you write a noun add it to a document with any description you write. This way you can always go back and see what you have written and stop yourself from writing contradictions.

So tagging someone in this to answer the above questions.

D.A Lascelles is the author of Lurking Miscellany, Transitions (Mundania Press) and Gods of the Sea (Pulp Empires). He lives in Manchester UK. You can sometimes see him writing about Zombie porn on


but he mostly blogs about books, vampires, science fiction and Terry Pratchett.


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5 Responses to How I write – a blog tour

  1. Reblogged this on Omega W and commented:
    Another response from the blog tour I took part in some weeks back!

  2. This glossary thing is just gold. I’ve kind of got a spreadsheet going most days at least, so it gets populated any time I think of a continuity thing. It’s similar, right? 🙂

    • The idea I’ve taken on is every time you write a Noun, you copy any description or useful information you write alongside it. The other piece of advise was to write down the book and chapter that it first appeared in but i’m changing chapters around so much as I edit that I’m not sure it’d be much use for me at the moment,

  3. I like that idea of writing purposefully to fill some of the family and gender gaps. I realise that some people might consider it forced, but any act of creativity has to come from somewhere, and that’s as good a source of inspiration as anything else, as well as a way to balance how people are represented in our culture. And of course family can provide some powerful and fascinating themes for writing.

    • I have wanted to write a fantasy story for the last 15 years but I’ve never found enough hooks to make it interesting or different or grounded in something unique. Loncon gave me a few ideas that will add to the few pieces I already have and make something worth writing.

      Hopefully I can do some of the plans I have justice.

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